Baby's First Year: Week 7 (First Bath)


Photo by starburst1680

Meet starburst1680, brand new first-time mom to Kathryn Grace. She will be sharing with us the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all of the emotion and exhaustion — right up until Kathryn's first birthday.

Week 7:

She had her first bath on Monday. She really liked it until we took her out of the water. Then she got cold and started crying. It was cute to see how much fluffier her hair got when it was clean.


She has started smiling a lot more. They are big smiles while she is awake and usually looking at someone. It is so cool to see her look straight at you and smile, it just melts my heart! It's not just gas anymore!

I have also recently noticed her showing a clear preference for looking at me or DH compared to everyone else. Last night she was in a bouncer at my parents' house and my mom, sister and I were sitting in front of her. Any time I would talk she would look at me. It didn't matter who else was talking or what else was going on she would look at me. Just knowing that she recognizes us, knows who we are, and prefers us over everyone else is a really neat feeling.

Challenges & Concerns:

Emotionally it was/is difficult to go back to work. Walking out the door the first day was really hard for me. She had a little trouble adjusting to taking the bottle at first but now she is used to it. She is still getting breastmilk exclusively so it wasn't the taste it just took her a few feedings to get the hang of the bottle. I still have a hard time with the fact that I'm back at work and missing so much time with her but I know this is the best thing for our family right now.

Was it difficult for your baby to get used to taking the bottle?

We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about her parenting choices to yourself!



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