Doctors Pushing Routine Circumcision

scalpelThe last thing most moms think of when they look at their newborn son for the first time is a sexually transmitted disease. But that's what some doctors would like them to think about.

A group of medical experts from Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health are pushing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the sanctioned mother of all parenting advice, to recommend routine circumcision for infant boys.

The JH and NIH docs dumped years of studies on circumcision on the table, poured over the papers, and decided that the little snip-snip of the foreskin reduces the risk of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases enough to warrant such a request.


Getting the AAP on board would probably lead to a big boost in circumcisions, according to these doctors.

But the AAP doesn't agree that the evidence is that clear cut. According to the Wall Street Journal, it's been reviewing data on circumcision for a year, but will probably stand on its current recommendation that there are risks either way and it's up to the parents.

Which is a good thing because CafeMoms love to debate this topic. Check out a few of the current heated discussions. Even when the original poster is on a simple fact-finding mission, it almost inevitably takes a turn:

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How much does advice from the AAP and other big child health organizations sway your parenting decisions? Should the AAP back routine circumcision? 

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