Nursery Wall Letters, From Pricey to Cheap

Cynthia Dermody | Jan 10, 2010 Baby

  • Hanging Rod Wall Letters -- $24


    Hanging Rod Letters from Anna Bella Kids; $72 for 3.

    Lots of custom stores will let you pick the colors, patterns, and ribbons. But it will cost you. For these, you add $24 for each additional 8-inch letter. For my kids' names, that's $125 and $170, yikes! Think they'll let me start calling them "Cal" and "Aid"?

  • Rustic Letters -- $11


    Rustic Letters by Koo Koo Bear Baby; $11.

    I splurged on these handmade letters with a rustic matte finish when my son was born. I love that they're 10 1/2 inches high, a little bigger than the norm. Also available in a lovely barn red, antique creamy white, and colonial blue, so I mixed a matched. These look great in a farmhouse/cottage style room. They stick on fine with blue adhesive putty.

  • Stained Wood Letters -- $10


    These uppercase letters from Pottery Barn let the wood grain show through a rich espresso stain that's so trendy right now. I'm considering these for my daughter's (yet to be decorated) bedroom. I adore petal pinks and dark rich browns in a girls' room.

  • Kidcraft Letters $8-$9


    Somewhat typical but they do the job and you can always fancy them up yourself with a little stenciling or painting. Find them at Walmart, Targe, Babies 'R Us and all the other big retailers for about the same price.

  • Gingham Letter -- $5-$8


    Nice alternative to the straightforward wood letters, these wood and fabric letters in pretty gingham patterns would look great in a nursery, though your child might outgrown them eventually.

  • Unpainted Letters -- $1


    If you really want to save money, pop into Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanne's Fabrics, or any other craft store and pick up some unpainted letters super cheap. You won't find much in terms of choice of font -- most are these big blocky letters -- but with a little inspiration and creativity the possibilities are endless.

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