Help! My Baby is Teething

Like Proudmummyof1's little one, my baby was drooling like crazy and chewing on everything when she was about 4 months old. Everyone told me she was teething, and by everyone, I mean strangers on the street, strangers at the mall, strangers at the grocery store. "Oh, she's teething," they'd say looking at her drool. So I figured she was teething even though there were no signs of teeth.  "Oh, she's teething," I'd say when people pointed out her drool.


But we went to check-up after check-up and the doctor found no signs of teeth. And my daughter was always her same easy-going self.

But now. Now is another story. She's 10 months old, and I think she really is teething. My big clues: the two bottom teeth peeping out, the one erupting on the top, and the fact that she is constantly rubbing the side of her mouth. Plus, there's the drool. Lots of it. My always happy baby is miserable. She wakes up throughout the night. She cries during the day. I want to help her feel better.

Here's the advice the Baby Mamas in Answers gave to Proudmummyof1 the other day:

"Orajel, teething tablets, cold teething ring," wrote Pollymom.

"I used a clean washcloth, froze it and let him chew on it," wrote have2travel. "I also froze his pacifier."

"I have Gentle Naturals Homeopathic teething drops and I swear by them! " said chillemi78. "My little guy even knows the bottle and smiles when he sees it. I got mine at Target, but I think you can get them at any grocery store."

But last night in New Moms - First Time or Starting Again, a group I belong to, there was a discussion about teething tablets and teething. Some of the Baby Mamas there said that teething tablets are toxic because they contain something called belledonna, and some said their pediatrician said no way to Orajel and Motrin. So now I'm afraid to try those things (I'd rather be safe than sorry) and my baby is still in pain.

Is teething something she just has to suffer through? Or is there some way to really make her more comfortable? A friend of mine raves about the teething toy, Sophie, shown here—has anyone tried it?

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