Baby of the Week: Kyra

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Photo by tjuhmylove

A weekly post to help us get to know some of our CafeMom cuties ...

Who: Thuong-Kyra Isabel (everyone calls her Kyra), 6 months old, daughter to tjuhmylove. From the day she was born she has always been a happy-go-lucky baby. She didn't even cry when she was born and even now she rarely cries. She is always smiling and happy. All in all, she is an easy baby.

 How much does she sleep?

She takes between two to three naps a day for about two hours each, and has been sleeping through the night since she was two weeks old.


What makes her smile?

When she sees her big brother, her Daddy or Mommy.

What's her fussiest time of day?

She really doesn't have a fussiest time of day; she only gets upset if she is hungry, wet or tired, but for the most part she is always a happy baby.

Describe a recent milestone and how it made you feel.

She is starting to push up on her hands trying to crawl. I am happy that she is starting to get more mobile, but sad at the same time because she is growing up too fast.

What will she do for a future career?

We think she will be a talk show host or a reporter because she just loves to talk.


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