New Info on Whooping Cough

photo by StarMommy77

If you vaccinate your baby, you might be interested in this bit of news I just read at U.S. News & World Report: Getting a whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine two weeks earlier than normal can prevent at least 1,236 cases of whooping cough, 898 hospitalizations, and 7 deaths every year in the United States.

So when would that be exactly?


The current recommendations are that you get your baby vaccinated for whooping cough in five doses—at two months, four months, and six months, with booster shots at around 15-18 months and 4-6 years.

According to the study, you should consider getting the first vaccine dose at six weeks instead of two months. The researchers say that because whooping cough is such a great threat to very young infants, this earlier dose would reduce the time your baby is not protected from the disease by 25 percent, and may result in a big decrease in whooping cough disease around the country.

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