Missing Baby Sock Syndrome -- A Solution?

It's one of life's great mysteries, right up there with Stonehenge and Big Foot (I've seen video on YouTube so I know he's real):

Why do baby socks never stay on?

You'd think those chubby little feet would actually help to keep baby booties on. But, no, even with the industrial strength elastic openings that leave lines on baby's legs, they still slide right off.

I came across a possible solution: Rock-a-Thighs. Check out the picture. They are not leg warmers, but snug-fitting thigh-high socks, according to the website.


The inventor, Jennifer Dutcher, a mom of four young daughters in chilly Wisconsin, emailed me recently about her new web-based business and I was intrigued because I remember how frustrating it was to keep losing all those socks. They'd fall off at the store, the park, at church, and pretty soon I'd be left with a drawer of mateless teddy bears, polka dots, and lions.

I haven't tried the thigh-highs on my own kids or any babies I know, so I'm just asking here.


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How do you keep socks on your baby? Are they constantly falling off?

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