One Cake for Twin Birthday Insensitive?

twins first birthday

Photo by Loops427

I don't have twins, but I know from moms that do that it's important to make sure each one feels they have their own identity and things that are unique to them.

Some moms think this should start as early as their first birthday.

A mom in the Advice for Moms group who is sensitive to this wonders if she needs to have separate themes for her twins' first birthday, including two cakes (to smash). She knows they won't care either way now, but they might years down the line when they pull out the album and look at the pictures.

I can see it now ...

"Mom, I can't believe you forced me to have a Dora party! I really wanted a Rainbow Brite party! We always have to do what Jane wants, never what I want ..."


Believe me, I deal with this kind of competition all the time with my non-twin 5 year old and 6 year old, so I can imagine how much worse it would be with bona fide multiples.

Okay, so to us non-twin moms, two cakes or one does seem kinda silly to worry about. Many answering the post said to heck with it. Make it easy on yourself. One cake to smush, one theme. Who cares.

Twin moms, what say you? Should twins get their own cake and their own theme? Is this that important for their self esteem so early on?


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