New Mom Secrets: I Hate When People Hold My Baby


It's hard being a new mom (or even an experienced mom to a new baby) and sometimes we do things we know we shouldn't, despite what all the experts say. But this is a safe place to share your secrets (PM me)—we'll never tell.

This Week's Secret:

I hate it when other people hold my baby. I always try to make up an excuse like "she needs to be fed," or "she's tired." I know it sounds rude, but I'm just very protective. — anonymous


Do you mind it when other people hold your baby?

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We all have secrets and opinions—so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation nonjudgmental!

If you have a new mom secret you'd like to share anonymously, PM me.

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MomO1_87 MomO1_87

Honestly as bad as this may sound, for me it depends on who it is.  There are certain friends of mine, if they want to hold my son I could care less, but there are certain family memebers that I don't even like being near him.  Of course that's because we've had some issues in the family (i wont go into details) It really depends on if I get a good vibe from the person or not.

Capta... CaptainMcMommy

Everytime SIL has been around my DD she takes her and walks off without asking! Drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

kelli... kelli0585

It just depends on the person.  I love my "futere SIL."  I get upset when my cousin, who reeks of cigarettes, tries to kiss on him. 

Fragi... Fragile_Girl

I can totally relate to what MomO1_87 has said about it depending on who it is. I am the same way with my daughter (who is my second child). There are some people I don't care if they hold her all day and others I don't want them to touch her or see her. I even pretended that I wasn't home when the neighborhood kids knocked on the door to come and see her. There are just some people that I don't really want to deal with when it comes to my baby. Just like there are only a very small number of people that I trust to watch her...especially at her age right now (just over 2 months). I even have a hard time trusting my mother-in-law to watcher her for twenty minutes so my wife (I am lesbian), and my sister-in-law and I could run into town to a book store real fast...

sodapple sodapple

when my 1st daugther was born and we took her for the first time to church i did not let anyone hold her, unless i knew that person, then i gave her to hubby and someone i didn't want them to hold did so i got pretty upset at him, because i told him what to do but he didn't listen =-/

meand... meandmybean

Depends on who it is... 

My SIL coughed without covering her mouth at all once, a combination of that and her being the crazy cat lady leaves me hating her even being in the same room as my daughter. 

Most other people I could care less. 

love_... love_bug09

I don't like when other people hold my little one. He is know 7 months and I'm just now getting used to my mom holding him. I barely let my family members hold him and when they do I hover over them. They always tell me to go and relax but I don't I still just stand and hover. It's so hard to let anyone hold him...I'm so protective of him. I'm so worried about germs, flu etc...I got upset when we went to my hubby's Christmas party. The women there wanted to hold him and get all up in his face. There was one lady who thought it was ok to blow rasberries all on his face....UGH!!! I was so mad!!


tyrel... tyrelsmom

I'm always passing her off to someone, lol.  Usually so I can take care of my older children's needs.

athenax3 athenax3

When they are under three months or so, yeah, I can be a bit possessive, lol- but as others have stated it depends on the person too-but in the very beginning, I'm just super worried that they will drop him/her, or not support the head properly or tht they might have a cold or something, lol. I'm a "worrier", it's what I do, so yeah, I tend to do the same thing as the confessor, make excuses, put the baby down for a nap when I know people are coming, etc.....but after three months or so, I'm practically giving the kids away!! lol

Spiri... SpiritedTigress

I agree with the first poster, everything she said <3

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