Changing Baby's Name -- At 1 Year Old?

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CafeMom Amom4BabyDude named her son Avery Charles. She loved the name Avery for a boy, still does, but has since discovered that the baby name Avery is more common these days for girls than for boys. Now, a year later, she's worried her son will be teased when he goes to school and is considering changing his name.

"It is originally a boy's name, has been since 1880s, but obviously has become much more popular for girls," Amom4BabyDude says. "He's a year old so the change wouldn't be too confusing for him."

Most moms in The CafeMom's Newcomer's Club let out a resounding NOOOOOO! Don't change the name, they said.


Many consider Avery more a boy name than a girl name, or they think as chjack123 does, that boys names like Kelly, Madison, Emery, Jamie, and Emerson are being  hijacked in our culture. Others said kids are mean no matter what you name them. If they want to tease, they will find a way, even with seemingly standard boy names.

One mom of an Andrew says the kids at school tease her son by calling him "Dandy Andy." The kids sometimes call my son Aidan-Payden, which makes no sense but is still a tease, so I think those moms might be right.

Does your son or daughter have a unisex name or a name that was once exclusive to the opposite gender? Did you prefer to name your baby a strictly girl or boy name to avoid all this?

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