Ever Pee in Your Baby's Diaper?

first diaper change

Photo by lyssasmommie

I was chatting with a CafeMom friend about her Christmas. She, her husband and two young children were stuck in standstill traffic for three hours without a restroom in sight.

My mom friend had to pee the whole time, and even considered using her son's diaper before the traffic broke and things starting moving again.

She's not the first to think about this ... kyriesmommy13 in Answers posed the same question a few months ago. She said being trapped in an enclosed place and peeing in your baby's diaper seems a much better option than wetting your pants.


The first several dozen commenters wouldn't admit to it, some even said no way, they'd never do it, but I wonder if they're telling the truth.

I've peed outside in some pretty strange places using some odd contortionist techniques ... but never did I consider a diaper. The more I think about it, what a great idea in a pinch! I wonder if it would really work ...

Have you ever peed in your baby's diaper in an emergency? Would you consider it if there was no other option?

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