Baby's First Year: Week 5

baby in play gym

Photo by starburst1680 

Meet starburst1680, new mom to Kathryn Grace. We're joining her each week on the rollercoaster ride of motherhood, right up until Kathryn's first birthday.

Week 5:

New This Week

 She seems to be staying awake more during the day and is starting to talk more. It's neat to hear her make intentional vocal sounds while looking at us rather than just the grunts and squeaks we have been hearing since she was born.


Baby's First Christmas

We went to church Christmas eve and Kathryn did really well! We sat in the main chapel, not the "cry room." I was pretty sure I was going to have to get up at some point to feed her but I didn't. She let out one cry the whole time and that was before Mass started. She slept pretty much the whole time.

To Kathryn, Christmas was like any other day, though she did love looking at the Christmas trees and lights. At first we thought it was just the lights on the trees but she likes to look at our tree even with the lights off. 

Celebrating Christmas as a mom this year actually didn't really feel that much different because it felt like Kathryn has always been here and she fit right in. 

Challenge of the Week

We're still waiting for her umbilical cord stump to fall off. The skin attached to it is getting smaller but still hanging on. This morning, I noticed a little blood at the bottom of the stump. I wiped it off and am keeping a close eye on it. If I see any more I'll call the doctor. Perhaps it just got snagged on her clothes.

We are also still trying to figure out her sleeping at night. We start the night in her pack ‘n play. She still won't sleep there for more than an hour or two at the beginning of the night. After that, I move to the sofa so she can sleep in her swing.

Last night she slept for seven and a half hours straight in her swing! I don't know what to do to get her to sleep that long in her pack ‘n play or crib, though. Once she has slept in her swing for a couple of hours and woken to eat, I put her back to sleep in her pack ‘n play and she will then sleep there for three hours or so.


We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about her parenting choices to yourself!

How did you celebrate baby's first Christmas? Do anything different from the norm this year? What did your baby like best -- the tree, lights, church?


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