How Many Babies Did You Hold at Christmas?

family portrait

Photo by Cafe Cynthia

I held at least four, maybe more, I lost count after the third one. At our Christmas Eve dinner, people just kept passing me babies anytime they needed to eat or chase after their older one. That's what happens when a mom no longer has babies herself. She becomes the temporary baby holder while baby mama and baby dada catch their breath or inhale some food.

I didn't mind a bit, of course. Who doesn't love to hold, coo against, and cuddle a baby, especially when they are not yours and you have the self satisfaction of knowing you'll still be getting a good night's sleep. Plus you don't get to eat as much, and that could be a good thing around the holidays.


Needless to say, we had a big year of births in my family this past year; my brother and both my first cousins had little ones. Here's a family shot we attempted to take of the whole herd. We just kept piling babies onto the big ones' laps and snapped away as quickly as we could because the window was very quick. Babies started self destructing almost immediately when the crazy man with the camera (my husband) started making weird faces trying to get everyone to smile.

You can see how successful that was.

You'll notice the sword on the left. It's not real. It's a toy. My cousin's husband was only trying to hand the sword to his older son, although the moment the camera captured has him threatening his infant son for failing to smile. I'm still cracking up over this. And you better believe I am going to blow up this picture and keep it for future blackmail.

Was your Christmas filled with new babies in the family or was your own baby the star of the show?

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