Baby of the Week: Garrett

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A weekly post to help us get to know some of our CafeMom cuties ...

Who: Garrett Joseph, son of sstepph, 17 months old. He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19 inches long when born, two weeks early. I had been in preterm labor from 32 weeks on.

How long does he sleep at night?

Great. He slept through the night since he was four weeks old, then we went through a period where he wouldn't sleep at all. He still wakes up at least once a night. We bathe him right after dinner, he has a snack and plays with Daddy. Then we watch a movie or something and I rub his back and he falls asleep.


What makes him smile?

Daddy always makes him smile. Doggies, and Mommy of course. Oh, and he loves listening to Classic Rock and dancing naked before bath. He laughs the WHOLE time. 

What is his latest milestone?

Brushing his own teeth with help. He's always been ahead on his milestones, which in a way is fun but sad because I feel he has grown up way too fast. He's also mastering jumping now. 

What is his fussiest time of day?

Late afternoon-evening. He's down to one nap a day now and depending on when he takes it, he's super fussy and it's not fun. Hopefully he will adjust soon and it will get easier!

What will he do for a career?

Oh wow, I have no clue. He's very into taking things apart and putting them together and he will do it until its perfect or he gets it right. He loves playing with his toy tools as well. So who knows. Then again he could surprise us and become a doctor!


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