Trimming Baby Nails (Oops, I Missed!)

baby sticking finger in the camera

Photo by corrie0227

My daughter wasn't home from the hospital more than two hours when I began to trim her nails. My breast milk must have had extra strength calcium because at just three days old she was like Wolverine on the X Men.

Being that she was my second born, I was playing the confident mom a little too confidently and ... yikes! I missed, snipped her finger skin. Blood draining from her finger. Blood draining from my face. OMG I cut my baby ...


She was sleeping and didn't even flinch, but I was ready to call 9-1-1 until my husband calmed me down and brought me a band-aid. It was okay, just a mild laceration.

Ever since then I've hated cutting my kids fingernails. I still wait till my squirmy 6 year old is asleep before I sneak into his room with a flashlight.

Moms in Stay at Home Moms were sharing some funny stories about how they manage to manicure their toddler's nails (screaming, wrestling moves, bloody murder) but clipping a baby's nails presents a different challenge. Baby might not protest but you almost need a microscope because the mails are so teensy weensy.

I preferred the clippers with the white chunky handle but I know some moms who do the job with little scissors. That kind of scares me to death. I couldn't imagine what kind of damage I would have inflicted on my poor infant daughter with mini shears.



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Have you ever slipped and cut the skin while trimming your baby's nails? How often do you trim them (man, they grow so fast)?

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