Postpartum Body Surprises


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Some mamas look like they haven't even undergone nine months of carrying child after they give birth, but the majority of us aren't that lucky.



Lil Sugar has listed the ten most common postpartum body surprises.

  1. Body shape: Motherhood can turn an apple into a pear or a skinny "boy" bod into that of a mushy mommy. Ladies may lose all the weight, but the parts shift and don't necessarily fall back into the same places.  
  2. Saggy baggy belly: Even for a skinny Minnie, excess skin and that last bit of belly blubber can be impossible to burn.
  3. Deflated balloon boobs: Women liken their post breastfeeding breasts to folding pancakes into a bra. And going without wire support after having an infant or two is near impossible.  
  4. The pouch: Mothers aren't marsupials, but after baby many ladies carry a bit of a pouch. For some, it's an inevitable curve of the stomach.  
  5. Back fat: A toned back may end up with lil tufts of fat after the expectant phase. And, certain undergarments tend to emphasize them.  

Check out the other five on Lil Sugar's website.

How did your body change after giving birth?

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