Gisele Baby's Name -- Er, What Name?

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Most couples I know have their baby's name picked out months before the baby is born. Some even know the name before they are pregnant or have even decided to have a baby. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are not those people.

Their baby boy is four days old but Bundchen and Brady still haven't picked a name.

According to Celebrity Baby Blog, the couple had a name picked out ages ago, but then Bundchen decided she didn't like it. Now Tom is so busy playing football, he hasn't had time to sit down with his wife and agree on a new one.

"I haven't been home all week. We have about seven or eight choices," he said in an interview. "I have got to be home for more than just two-three hours so we can talk about it."

Brady's one condition is that it be a traditional name, something that he can pronounce. Perhaps he should consult the list of Most Popular Baby Names 2009, which was released Wednesday.

I wonder what they are calling the littlest Brady in the meantime? I'll bet it's "Boo-Boo." Every mother on the face of the earth seems to use the nickname "Boo" for their little boy.

How long did it take you to pick a name for your baby? Did you ever change your mind about the name at the last minute, or after meeting the baby and finding it just didn't fit?


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Pollymom Pollymom

I guess I don't understand the problem of naming a baby. You're pregnant for many months, isn't that a good time to think one up? LOL With all the names in the entire world, surely there's one that both mom and dad can agree on.

If they're too busy to even think up a name....what does that say about everything else? The poor kid is four days old and doesn't even have a's kinda sad.

Agent... AgentBrez

we had our names picked out by the 3rd trimester. with my son, we did change his middle name when he was born b/c of the significance of the day [Pope Benedict's bday and was in the US, my husband was on the White House lawn waiting to see him when he had to leave to come home since i was in labor. so we changed our sons middle name to Benedict].

codys... codysmama2609

my parents couldn't decide on a name for their 3rd baby girl for a couple weeks.  how they tell it.  they finally decide on a name my maternal grandma came up with.  they called her baby and other cutsey names parents come up with.  i was 2 at the time so i dont remember any of this.

2baby... 2babybats

With our first daughter we had her first name a week after we found out it was a girl. With our second we didn't have a name until the day after she was born. We went through all the baby name books/sites and couldn't find a single one we both liked. So we decided if she was born with light hair I'd pick and born with dark my husband would pick. She was born with dark but I hated his name so much that it took me a day and a half to actually say I'd hold up to my end of the deal. Lol. But I gotta was worth it. I couldn't imagine her as anything other than Keirstin.

I'm glad they're really thinking about the name they're giving their child...instead of just pulling one out of the hat, because their baby is finally born. This is their child's name. It should be special :)

babyb... babyboomboom

I agree w/ Pollymom...It's sad that the baby doesn't have a name yet.  I picked out my sons name when I was only about 6M preg.

aimee... aimeewales

I will give it to them I understand why it is hard to pick a name. I worked 50 hours a week and my husband was overseas due to the military and ours daughter was born at 26 weeks. My husband barely got home in time for the birth. And we only got to talk once a week and a name didn't seem as important as everything else going on. Plus it is better to take their time and pick the right name it will be with their son the rest of his life.

codys... codysmama2609

i saw they picked Benjamin.  good name.

the sister i talked about in my earlier comment, they thought was a boy (before she was born...actually everyone thought all 4 of us were boys and we were ALL GIRLS!) was going to be Benjamin.  But now shes Leah. 

tonya... tonyalynn

i picked the names as soon as i found out what i was having

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