Baby's First Year: Week 3 (Baby's First Giggle)

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Meet starburst1680, brand new first-time mom to Kathryn Grace. She will be sharing with us the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all of the emotion and exhaustion — right up until Kathryn's first birthday.

Week 3:

This week my baby outgrew her newborn clothes! We are now in size 0-3 months. I'm kind of sad because she is growing up so fast but mostly excited about seeing her grow.


It is reassuring that she is getting enough to eat which can be difficult to know when you are exclusively breastfeeding.

Also, last night I heard Kathryn giggle for the first time. She was sleeping when she did it but it was still one of the cutest things I've ever heard. I can't wait for her social smiles and giggles!

I have had a few mommy milestones this week, too. The past two days I have taken my baby out in public for the first time by myself. Yesterday was a quick trip to Babies R Us to get some things we needed. Today we went to the post office and Target. Before she was born I didn't think I'd take her out while she was this young, especially with it being flu season. I haven't had anyone try to touch her or anything though and it is nice to get out of the apartment. Also running errands with her by myself is nice because now I know I can do it.

Challenges & Concerns:

A few times this week I have noticed that Kathryn sounds congested. It seems to resolve itself fairly quickly without any treatment besides sucking out her nose.

Her umbilical cord stump hasn't fallen off yet and it doesn't look like it is going to in the next few days. This is not really a concern I'm just ready for it to fall off. I am excited to give her a bath and to just not have to worry about being careful with it anymore.

We're celebrating starburst1680's first year with baby, not criticizing her parenting choices, so thank you for keeping your judgments to yourself. Any bashing will be deleted.

When did your baby giggle for the first time?

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