Rain Could Cause Autism

photo by clover4meg

Rain, rain, go away!

Do you live in a rainy part of the U.S.? Recent research shows that kids who live in the Northwest's wettest counties are more likely to have autism. But it's not clear why. No one knows exactly what causes autism, but doctors do agree part of it is genetic.


They also think that something in the environment and maybe even something in the womb can trigger autism. So what's with the rain? Here are some of the possibilities:

1. Infants in rainy climates stay inside more. Sitting in front of a TV might cause brain changes, according to the scientists. Or they say, maybe kids breathe in more harmful chemicals indoors.

2. Vitamin D deficiency. The sun is a good source of vitamin D, and babies who don't spend time in the sun, might not get be getting enough.

3. Rain itself could be the problem. Researchers say that maybe a chemical or chemicals in the upper atmosphere are transported through rain or snow.

What do think about the results of this study?

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