Music and Puppets Help Babies During Check-Ups

photo by LarretaManchel

Taking your baby to the doctor is stressful. I remember going for my daughter's two-week check-up and making my husband come with me. The baby was so tiny and the doctor was poking around. I did not like it one bit.

There's an interesting project going on in Ireland called Infant Imaginings. The idea is that babies are more relaxed during check-ups and hospital stays after they've been playing for a bit.


The project is doing research using puppetry, play, music, movement, and sensory stimulation. "The aim of our work is to provide a creative environment for babies and their parents to experience well-being," says one of the researchers. "And when you consider that up to 50 per cent of all children who spend a night in hospital are under four, you realize how important that is."

I like the idea of it so maybe I'll do a little song and dance with my baby before her next check-up. Now, if only someone could tell me how I could relax during those appointments!

How do you deal when your baby has a doctor's appointment?

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