Baby of the Week: Shelby

smiling baby girl

Photo by Pollymom

A weekly post to help us get to know some of our CafeMom cuties ...

Who:  Shelby Ellen, 4 months old, daughter of Pollymom. When she was born, she was my MIL's 18th grandchild and she evened the score: MIL had 9 grandsons, my daughter made 9 granddaughters.

How long does she sleep at night?

She takes catnaps during the day and luckily for me sleeps a long time at night. She goes down about midnight after her last feeding and doesn't wake up until around 8-9 a.m. Of course that means she's a voracious eater when she wakes up.


What makes her smile?

Anyone who talks to her, but especially her brother; she just adores him. If he's even in her line of sight, she smiles. If he takes the time to talk or play with her, she'll squeal and laugh with delight. It's so precious.

What is her latest milestone?

Consciously reaching for toys. I put her in her exersaucer for a few minutes to see how she'd react and although she doesn't yet sit up on her own, she sort of leaned forward and used her hands to reach out to some of the different toys. I was shocked and then, camera-happy mom that I am, snapped a few pictures of her doing it.

What is her fussiest time of day?

Anytime she's tired. She doesn't really cry, she complains until we get the message and lay her down for a nap.

What will she do for a career?

She's a really wiggly baby, so maybe something physical, like a dancer or athlete. (I also hope she decides to be a mom someday.)


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