Mother Smothers Baby While Breastfeeding

airplane cabinI'd fallen asleep while breastfeeding my babies in bed many times, so it always shocks me to hear stories like this ...

A 29-year-old mother on a flight from Washington D.C. to Kuwait accidentally smothered her baby while breastfeeding, the Daily Mail reports.


The Egyptian woman was flying to Kuwait on November 24 to show her new baby to relatives. She fell asleep while nursing the little girl. When she woke up, she started screaming, alerting the American Airlines crew. A doctor on board tried to revive the lifeless baby without success.

Police are calling the death an "unexplained tragic accident," and believe the baby came from a loving family.

Lots of breastfeeding moms co-sleep with their babies with no problems whatsoever. While death is rare, it does happen. There are about 500 cases a  year where babies have died while sleeping with their parents in bed.

I wonder if the atypical upright position of the mother in the airplane seat had something to do with this sad, sad incident? Perhaps you have other thoughts to share.

Does this story change your mind about falling asleep while breastfeeding your baby?


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