DIY Holiday Gifts -- Bibs, Burp Cloths and More

Holiday Gift Guide

My Christmas shopping list grew by five babies this year -- three of them family and two of them friends. The way I figure it, that's another $150 to $200 I'll have to spend this year.

How I wish I was crafty, then I could give all the baby mamas in my life cool handmade gifts like this diaper clutch/all-in-one changing station combo from Etsy Cafemom kamerons_mommy.

One thing I can make really well is cookies, but babies can't eat cookies, and their mamas usually yell at me for giving them because they're still trying to lose the pregnancy weight.

I asked sew4fun, owner of the Sewing and Crafting for Fun group, for some non-edible DIY baby gift ideas, and she had some good ones, as well as some sites to check for inspiration.


Her favorite gifts to make?


"You can use an old bib for a pattern, make them out of towels, and add ribbon or buttons for decoration."

Burp cloths

"You can use pre-fold diapers (buy at Walmart) and use a small amount of cute fabric to add trim to the top or bottom to make it special. You can always buy patterns when they are on sale (you can get them for around a dollar at Hancocks Fabrics and Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby several times a year).

For a specific project: Flannel and Terrycloth Burp Cloths

A rattle

"Make a simple box out of fabric and stuff it with fiber fill. Just add jingle bells and you have a rattle."


Check out her group for more ideas and instructions, and visit these sites for specific projects (you'll need a sewing machine for some, but not all, these projects):

Taggie Blanket

Sock Elephant Toy

Sock Dog Toy

Stuffed Robot

Baby Yoga Pants (made from an old T-shirt)

Baby Dress

Are you making handmade baby gifts this year?


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