Milestones: A Sweet, Simple Way to Honor Them

One of these years, I'm going to do what Jagrus did and organize all the multi media of my kids as babies into a sort of milestone memory chart. As of right now, I've got some pictures stuffed into baskets in no certain order, some on various photo sharing sites, and some still on the camera, not to mention random VHS and DVDs assorted places in the house.

I am so not an organized mom.

This video of Jagrus's son, Troy Alin, who turns a year old next month, is so sweet and simple, I'd really like to try this one day.


Jagrus used CafeMom's Baby's First Year Photo Album widget as her source of inspiration for the pictures. Then she used the Video Widget to make the YouTube slideshow.

"It did not take long," Jagrus says. "I put the first part together a few months ago with Windows and then added pictures and videos as I got them. When he walked, I uploaded the video on YouTube and then added music. It is basically one picture per month."

Cafe MicheleZ was talking about another option -- Baby Photo and Journal Albums. She doesn't think she'll use these shower gifts, however, because all her photos are digital and she expects the same to continue when her twins are born.

How do you track your baby's milestones -- a book, scrapbook, video? If you were to make a video montage of your baby's first year, what song would you set it to?


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