Your Baby's Future Career

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In Baby of the Week I ask moms to guess what their little ones to be when they grow up based on their curent personalities. Some of the answers are pretty funny!

Moms in the Babies group are having a similar chat -- here are some of their best guesses as to what baby will be when he grows up:


-- I could see my son doing something with music because he loves to play the drums. I think my daughter will be a good actress because she is such a drama queen.

-- My husband and I own a barbershop and I like to think that someday he will take over the family business. We both joke that he will be a famous baseball or football player and take care of us.

-- My son is 4 months old and goes into a trance with football or SportsCenter is on, so I'm thinking a quarterback or announcer.

-- My 1 year old is very calm and relaxed and only impatient when you don't have a drink right there waiting for her after she is finished eating. So I say a teacher who is a joy to have, but knows what she wants when she wants it and watch out, here she comes :)

Click into the Babies post for more guesses about baby's future career.

What will your baby do for a job or career when he's all grown up?


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