I Made a Baby With Brad Pitt!

Our little Peach Pitt

Have you seen the site makemebabies.com? It's so much fun! I could stay on it for hours. You upload a photo of yourself and then choose who you want your Baby Daddy (or Mama) to be from the list of celebrities (you can also upload photos of someone you know), pick a photo frame and, voila, you can see what your baby (you can choose a girl and boy) would look like.


Our little Tres Jolie

I made babies with Brad Pitt (our little peach is shown on the left), Johnny Depp, David Beckham, George Clooney, and ... Angelina Jolie. I just had to see! That's our baby on the right.

Funny thing is none of these babies is as cute as my own.

Try it, and tell me who you made babies with!

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