The Prettiest Nursing Tops I've Seen

When I was pregnant, I dressed bad. Real bad. I gained too much weight to wear all those cute pregnancy clothes. So I suffered through the last few months, hoping I wouldn't run into any old boyfriends—or anyone else I knew for that matter. I didn't know that nursing clothes would be more of the same. I lost all those pregnancy pounds, but I haven't been able to find a nursing top that I would actually wear if I were dressing like my old pre-mom self. Until now.


I love these Bossy Baby tops that I came across. Designed by Swedish fashion model Sofia Wallin, they come in short-sleeves and long-sleeves and you can choose from several different patterns. And although they allow you to breast-feed discreetly, they don't scream "nursing shirt!" I'd even wear this top even after I've stopped breast-feeding my baby.

What nursing tops are you loving?

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