How to Lift a Baby the Right Way

grandfather holding baby

Photo by serialmommy

My back never hurt more than when my kids were babies and I had to pick them up all the time.

Mr. Bad Back himself, my husband, constantly scolded me: "Stop bending over; lift with your legs!"

It's one of those tasks, those parts of motherhood that seems so natural and basic that you don't even stop to think about whether you are doing it correctly. But you should definitely think about it, trust me.

Here are some back-safe reminders when picking up babies and small children:


Do ...

Maintain a wide base of support with your feet.

Bend your knees before lifting your child.

Hug your child close to your body as you lift.

Keep your head and neck up as you lift.

Don't ...

Lift with your feet close together.

Lift and reach with your knees straight and your back overstretched.

Lift with your arms extended straight or reaching far away from  your body.

Look down to the floor as you lift.

How is your baby-mama back feeling lately?


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