Jeans and Other Annoying Baby Clothes

baby wearing jeans

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Baby clothes today are so adorable. I often say I wish they made certain articles in adult sizes. I would totally wear them. Like the new Stella McCartney line for Gap -- scrumptious! I think footed cashmere pants for adults are a great idea, but I wonder if I'd still be able to get my spiked-heel boots on, hmm ...


Blue jeans were the one type of clothing that I could never stand putting on my kids as babies. Stiff blue jeans and soft babies don't mix. Boy, oh, boy, I know plenty of you disagree with me -- they did over in a post I left in Babies.

Let me explain, I love the way babies LOOK in jeans, I just found them inconvenient and not functional when you figure frequent diaper changes, crawling and naps into the equasion. I also hated button-down shirts. Cute, YES! Great for pictures. Just too much work when you have squirmers like mine.

What are some of the other types of baby clothing that makes no sense on an infant? Oh, aren't you glad you asked ...


expectantmom81: "I can't stand the overalls with no snaps in the crotch. I have a couple pairs and they just annoy me. I also can't stand the one-piece outfits that you can't just put on over the head or slip in by the feet. I have some that go on awkward and you have to kinda squeeze them into the middle of it."

Outfits with Buttons

carterscutie85: "I hate the outfits that have the buttons that make it hard to figure out where you are supposed to snap them. I was given one outfit for my son and gave up on it because it was too confusing."


treehugger823: "Dresses on a baby that can't walk yet are completely pointless and annoying. They are either laying down on their dress and it gets all up around their armpits from them squirming, or, if the baby crawls, they get the dress caught under their knees and they get stuck or fall over and get frustrated and cry."

Big Collars

ErinHill226: "I hate infant shirts with big collars. I got so many at my showers, and I would let my daughter wear one once for a picture and then never again. They never stay down, always ended up right against her face. I have a general rule that if it looks or feels like it would get on my nerves, I don't make DD wear it!"

Other moms in Babies complained about overalls, rompers and character clothing. Check out the discussion on annoying baby clothes ...


BTW, some moms don't think I'm wrong about the jeans. They say:

-- The legs are too short or the waist is too big. I can't seem to find a happy medium.

-- I hate the ones that button all the way. It is hard to get my little one to stay still.

-- They seem to cut into her waist when she sits up.


Now it's your turn to sound off. The most annoying, that-designer-should-be-shot type of baby clothing is ...


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