Treating Your Baby's Cold

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There's nothing worse than when your baby gets sick. Mine was born in December and I think she pretty much had a cold for the first four months of her life. So now that the temperature is dipping, I worry at any sign of a sniffle—especially since we should not give cold or cough medicines to babies under 2 because of dangerous side effects. So what's a Baby Mama to do for her little one?


I found some really great advice for treating a baby's cold over at WebMD. It turns out babies don't need the miracle of modern medication. Here's what the docs there recommend:

For Coughs and Congestion

  • Fill the bathroom with steam
  • Sit with baby for 10-15 minutes, 3-4 times a day
  • Never leave baby alone

For Stuffy Nose

  • Use 2-3 saline drops made especially for infants in each nostril
  • Use a bulb syringe to extract any secretions (or if baby is old enough, encourage him to gently blow

Call Pediatrician Immediately When

  • Baby has trouble breathing
  • He refuses to drink anything
  • He becomes increasingly less responsive or irritable
  • He coughs up bloody mucus
  • Baby has a fever (and is under 3 months old)

Some of the moms in the Pregnancy group had some really good advice, too, which they gave to hotmama708, who had a sick baby.

MAXnBRYCESmom said to put a humidifier in the baby's room.

Mommy_of_LttlD and busymomkristin suggested rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on the baby's feet to help with coughing.

joyvanhalen says to keep the baby hydrated with breast milk or Pedialyte.

Does anyone know how the vapor rub on the feet works? Why not put it on the baby's chest? Is that bad?

Got any other tips for helping an infant get over a cold? Send 'em my way!

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