Your Favorite Baby Hold -- Sling? Football? Stretch?

baby in sling

Photo by Amber727

I could watch the Beyonce Baby Sling Video over and over. I wish slings were as popular when I had my babies as they are now, or that someone had suggested one to me. I so would have been out on the dance floor with these amazing model moms, or at least secretly practicing the moves in my living room.

But I had other ways of holding and comforting my baby that were just as effective and memorable. My husband and I invented our own names for some of them.

My son's favorite position was "the leg stretch."


Whenever he'd get upset, I'd sit on the couch with my legs stretched out but knees bent on the ottoman, and plop him down atop my slightly elevated quadriceps. Then I'd hold his hands to make sure he was balanced, and I'd jiggle my legs.

Another favorite was the "chest hold." This is when I'd press my colicky screaming daughter chest to chest with me so I could feel her heartbeat and she could feel mine. Then I'd bounce up and down making "shushing" sounds. It really calmed her a lot of the time.

My husband was pretty good at "the football," when he'd cradle my son in one arm dangling down by his side. My son loved it, and knowing the thrill-seeker he is today, I can see why. But it always made me nervous to attempt it myself.

One thing is certain, my arms were a lot stronger and more toned when my babies were infants, but of course, nothing like the women in that Beyonce Sling video. I'm still so amazed.

What is your favorite way to hold and comfort your baby? Did you make up funny names for a particular hold?


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