Moms' Favorite Baby Moments

sleeping newborn

Photo by angellovebug

My favorite time of day with my babies was in the morning after my husband went to work, the house was quiet, and my kids were calm.

Both my son and daughter were afternoon/evening fussers, so I never looked forward to the end of the day. But the start of the day was magical. They'd sit in their bouncy chairs or in my arms and smiled and cooed. I'd give anything to have those moments back, freeze them in time.

Okay so this might have something to do with the novel The Time Travelers Wife I'm currently reading, but I've been thinking about what baby moments I would dwell in if I had the choice, and I asked moms to share theirs too:


-- "Bathtime. After I give my guy a bath at night, he snuggles up to breastfeed until he falls asleep. Then I want to hold him for the rest of the night and play with his hair." -- anonymous

-- "Holding a nice clean, sweet-smelling baby on my chest. That is pure heaven." -- meandmyshadow

-- "When he breastfed till he fell asleep. Now it's when he's taking a nap. He's 3" -- anonymous

-- "Mornings, because he was generally happier at that time, and got more fussy as the day went on." -- aidensmomma508

Tell me your favorite time of day with your baby! Why is this moment more special than all the others?


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