Home From the Hospital -- Moms' First Day Memories

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I remember my first day home from the hospital with my son, my first child, clear as day. All the other days after that are pretty much a blur (the effects of exhaustion, no doubt). But there was something special about those beginning moments on the journey as a new mom that will remain vividly stamped in my memory.

I remember walking into the door of my house brimming with gratitude to discover my girlfriend had cleaned and organized my entire house (I delivered early, and wasn't prepared for a new baby at all!).

I remember putting my new son in his car seat atop the dining room table and then rummaging through the cabinets for cookies because I was starving.


I remember sitting down at the table polishing off a sleeve of nutritious Oreos while I admired my son, still not believing he was really here and he was really mine.

I remember nursing my baby, then my husband allowing me to take a three hour nap, or however long it was before my son woke up hungry.

I remember placing my son in his bassinet by our bed, then crawling under the covers myself thinking we would all go to sleep .... and now I think how foolish that was. I was awake till 4:30 a.m. that night. And that's where things start to get blurry ...

Other moms shared their first day memories:

armywife43: "I came home with my son to my mom and MIL there ... .they had cleaned and rearranged things. We had just moved in, and not everything was done. I got plenty of sleep at the hospital, so I was tired but not enough to sleep. My son had been waking up every two hours to eat, so he stayed awake till that night. I had about 30 people come by, and at one time they were all there at the same time. I had a C-section, so moving around wasn't very easy. When my son woke up, my husband would get him and bring him to me.

"When my daughter was born, I came home to nobody, and boy was I happy. It was just me, my daughter, husband and son. She only got up every 3-4 hours so I wasn't as sleep deprived. She slept a bit when she got home, but she did go down for a couple hours around my son's bedtime."

wife.and.momy: "When my daughter came home, we gave her the last bottle at 11:30 p.m. and she slept until about 4:30 a.m. That went on for a few days!"

MissDipper: "My son was born three months premature and came home at two months old. The NICU had already set his schedule for me, so I was pretty lucky! He ate at 8 am, noon, 4 pm, 8 pm, midnight, 4 am. etc."

What was the first day home with a new baby like for you? Were you rested or sleep-deprived coming home from the hospital?


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