Baby of the Week: Lucas

baby eating spaghetti

Photo by MadsMom04

A weekly post to help us get to know some of our CafeMom cuties ...


Who: Lucas Kenneth, 11 months old, son of MadsMom04. When Lucas was born via c-section, he was screaming so loud. My husband I were laughing so hard we were crying.

How long does he sleep at night?

He sometimes sleeps through the night, and he takes two, two-hour naps during the day.

What makes him smile?

His big sister!


What is his latest milestone?

He is trying to say words like Mommy, Daddy and baby. He's also said hi! I love trying to get him to say new words.

What is his fussiest time of day?

Usually around 7 p.m. He starts getting very whiny and there's not much that can make him happy except a bath and his crib.

What will he do for a career?

A comedian! If he makes you laugh, he'll keep doing whatever it is to keep you laughing.


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