Newborn Sleep: A Bassinet, Crib or Cradle?


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Maybe you've already made the decision to co-sleep with your baby. But other moms who will be putting their new babies in their own beds often wrangle with what's better -- a bassinet, a cradle, or straight to the crib.

But with a newborn the crib just seems so ... big. Not cozy at all. At least that's the way I felt.

KaetlinC was even wondering if it's safe to put a newborn straight in the crib.


Tons of moms in the Advice for Moms thread said they put their babies into the crib from day one with no problem. It is perfectly safe as long as the crib is safe (in good condition; without gaping slats that can catch a head or limb; no bumpers, pillows, loose blankets or stuffed animals) and you plug in a baby monitor if the crib is in another room.

Moms said bassinets are great for those who are breastfeeding, since those babies wake up more frequently than formula-fed infants. You can put the bassinet right next to your bed. Plus, new moms check on their babies all night long, and this will save you a few groggy-eyed steps.

I used a bassinet the first couple of months for both my children for exactly those two reasons. My babies were only arms length away from my bed, so when they were hungry, I'd just sit up, reach over, grab the kid, and plop them down next to me in bed. Often we'd both fall asleep and I'd put them back later. Worked like a charm.

A couple months later when they started to sleep a little longer I felt comfortable putting them in the crib, which, with a couple more pounds of kissable little baby fat filling up the space, didn't seem as cold and cavernous anymore.



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