Translate Your Baby's Cry on Your Cell

mother and newborn baby

Photo by AshBayGrammy

A Spanish company has developed an iPhone application that will analyze your baby's cry and tell you if she is hungry, tired, annoyed, stressed or bored.

Then it will give you tips on how to deal with one of those five emotional states of infant screaming.

The Cry Translator uses sound analysis technology and is selling for $10 now, but that price is expected to jump to $30 in Apple's app store after tomorrow.


I guess it's possible that a baby's cry contains detectable meaning. Just yesterday I told you that babies cry in their own native languages.

I'm curious if this application really works -- the company says it's 96 percent accurate -- but I wonder more about whether learning this information makes a lick of difference. Most moms resort to everything to get their babies to stop crying anyway.

If this worked on your current cell phone, is the Cry Translator something you would ever consider buying?

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