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Who: Joseph Anthony, 1 year, son of nily. When I was 35 weeks pregnant I had an accident and fell on the sidewalk, landing on my very preggo belly. Because of that he was born premature through emergency c-section and spent seven days in the NICU. He weighed 5 lbs, 10 oz and measured 19 inches. Joseph defeated all odds of a rough start, so I'm very proud of him. To me he is a warrior. Right now he has no sign of any delay. He does everything a full-term baby does.


How long does he sleep at night?

My little man has slept from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. since he was four months old and I hope he stays like that! He also takes two naps per day.

What makes him smile?

My son loves music. I put classical on and he just closes his eyes and smiles. He loves sounds and to hear everything around him.

 What is his latest milestone?

He's been busy taking his first steps, adding new words to his vocabulary, and learning to master the sippy. My son can say and understand the following words in our native Spanish: mami (mommy), papá (dad), tití (aunt), más (more), dame (give me), no. Some new ones: callate (shut up) and LaI (trying to say Nilmary, his sister's name).

What is his fussiest time of day?

Sadly, usually in the afternoon when Daddy comes home from work. He gets tired and very fussy but my husband manages to spend time with him and make him comfortable.

What will he do for a career?

I think my son might be choose a career related to music, but anything he picks would be fine with us. All that we ask is that it be something honest and decent.


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