Babies Born on Sidewalks and Other Strange Sites

newborn baby wearing knit hat

Photo by ventichaitea

One CafeMom had a surprise home birth. (Not unusual unless you're not planning on it.)

Cafe MicheleZ, who's expecting twins in another month, is worried that her babies might come so fast (she should be so lucky!) that her midwife or doctor of choice may not make it to the delivery room in time. She's thinking of creating a Birth Plan B and C just in case.

This is probably a good idea considering the strange and unexpected places babies decide to pop out. Just this week, a woman in Eau Claire, Wisconsin gave birth on the sidewalk outside the hospital.


According to the Eau Claire Wire, the baby's grandmother drove laboring mom Tiffany Kohls to the hospital, but Kohls couldn't hold back as the car pulled up. The grandmother ran into the hospital and grabbed a wheelchair and asked two security guards for help.

But it was too late, and Kellen Kohl arrived on the sidewalk before maternity nurses could race to the front door. Mom and son are reported to be doing fine.

As for me, If I'd waited another half-hour to drive to the hospital, my daughter would have arrived in the car. Labor came on fast, and she greeted the world about 10 minutes after they got me situated in the birthing room. My own doctor didn't even make it. They told me to stop pushing while they pulled some other doctor, whom I'd never met, from another room to catch the baby as she came out. Liability thing.

Was your baby delivered in an unexpected way or in an odd place?

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