Babies Born on Sidewalks and Other Strange Sites

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One CafeMom had a surprise home birth. (Not unusual unless you're not planning on it.)

Cafe MicheleZ, who's expecting twins in another month, is worried that her babies might come so fast (she should be so lucky!) that her midwife or doctor of choice may not make it to the delivery room in time. She's thinking of creating a Birth Plan B and C just in case.

This is probably a good idea considering the strange and unexpected places babies decide to pop out. Just this week, a woman in Eau Claire, Wisconsin gave birth on the sidewalk outside the hospital.

According to the Eau Claire Wire, the baby's grandmother drove laboring mom Tiffany Kohls to the hospital, but Kohls couldn't hold back as the car pulled up. The grandmother ran into the hospital and grabbed a wheelchair and asked two security guards for help.

But it was too late, and Kellen Kohl arrived on the sidewalk before maternity nurses could race to the front door. Mom and son are reported to be doing fine.

As for me, If I'd waited another half-hour to drive to the hospital, my daughter would have arrived in the car. Labor came on fast, and she greeted the world about 10 minutes after they got me situated in the birthing room. My own doctor didn't even make it. They told me to stop pushing while they pulled some other doctor, whom I'd never met, from another room to catch the baby as she came out. Liability thing.

Was your baby delivered in an unexpected way or in an odd place?

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justa... justanotherjen

I was almost born in the parking lot of the hospital.  My dad got my mom to the hospital around 3:30am in full blown labor and I was born at 4:20 or something like that after only a couple pushes.  If they had waited any longer she wouldn't have made it.

As it was my dad missed the birth.  He was still filling out paper work when I came out and he only got a glimpse of me as I was wheeled to the nicu (I wasn't breathing I guess).

They did make it to the hospital for my brother which was a miracle in itself.  He was born a couple weeks after the big Chicago blizzard of 79.  It took all the neighbors to dig my dad's car out (which had been snow-bound for weeks) and then they had to hire someone to plow the street.

If they hadn't been able to do it my brother would have been born at home because there's no way an abulance could have gotten to her.  The city was completely buried under 4-5' of snow.

PinkS... PinkSodaPop

All of mine were born in the normal ways and manners...However,  my husband was born in the hospital IN the elevator between floors! --- Everyone still remembers him many years later by his name at the hospital --- because it was such an eventful thing.

He was a first baby, so the staff didn't take his mother seriously when she said.. 'I think I'm giving birth right now' ---  as they put her into a wheelchair.
The staff tried to reassure her by saying .... 'No honey it takes many hours for a baby to're okay...'  ---- Boy did she prove them wrong!   stick out tongue mini

Hubby's mother is lucky...all of her babies came within an hour of having her first labor pains. 

my2.5... my2.5boys

Both my sons were born in the hospital with plenty of time to spare. But I was born on the bathroom floor in my aunt and uncles home. My mom was staying with her sister, and my dad had flown up to Indiana to be with his parents (my grandfather was dying). Labor and delivery only took 15 minutes, and my uncle caught me when I popped out. Of course I was the fourth one in four years for my mom, so by this time she knew exactly what to do. 

skyla... skylarcheyenne

My first child was born in our hallway and my husband delivered her. Kind of ironic when he didn't even want to be in the delivery room but he got to deliver her instead. I went to the hospital with contractions and they sent me home when I could barely walk out of the hospital. We came back home and I was in so much pain and they told me to come back when the contractions where 3 to 5 minutes apart which never happened so I sat in a hot tub which must have been when my water broke. But I had vomitted once and my husband called the hospital and they told me to eat popsicles and within 20 minutes I was yelling I see the head. And my husband still tried to get me in the truck which the hospital is a 45 min. drive but I made it to the hallway where he delivered our daughter. And 4 yrs later people are still asking him if he is the dad that delivered his baby at home. 

But my second daughter was born in the hospital. We weren't taking any chances this time and we changed hospitals and doctors after that.

Daynaof3 Daynaof3

I think I would rather have my child on a sidewalk than in a hospital, lol. J/k

I don't want to set foot in a hospital for giving birth ever again. I will plan homebirths for my future pregnancies, and hopefully my insurance will cover it! If not I will try my hardest to still be able to birth at home. I had two hospital deliveries which went from bad to worse. First, a vaginal with a huge episiotomy from getting the epidural and laboring/pushing on my back. Second, induction with my twins which lead to horrible contractions(without pitocin), being stuck in or next to the bed because the dr. decided to break my water and stick an internal monitor on my baby without even telling or asking me, breaking down and getting the epi, failure to progress and swelling of the cervix, and ultimately an uncessary c-section.

Thanks, but no thanks, I will go with a CPM and have a homebirth.

Lokis... LokisMama

I had a hospital birth with my son and a planned home waterbirth with my daughter, and if I end up having any more kids, I am planning for more home births.  After the experiance I had with my son (strapped to moniters, stuck with an IV and not allowed to move from the bed for the entire 12 hours of my labor, epi and nasty episiotomy, etc etc), I would rather give birth at home.

Plus, I got to spend my labor lounging in a waterbirth tub watching Labyrinth.

tonya... tonyalynn

i had two hospitals births

frogg... froggyt11

my friend paid big bucks to have her first baby at a birthing center, but never made it to her room. she had the baby on the hallway floor trying to check into the center. and then to top it off they couldn't stop the bleeding so she was sent to a hospital after only being there for 40 mins (birth included)

and they still charged her for all of it.

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