Falling With Baby and Other New Mom Fears

toddler on the stairs

Photo by StarrMom2Xander

Carrying my babies up and down our slippery wooden stairway was always one of my biggest new mom fears. There were a couple of near misses, but we made it to toddlerhood unscathed. I'm making up for it now. Just the other day, I sledded down the last few treads on my butt. I'm just so klutzy.

natalies_mama's husband did fall down the stairs the other day with their 2 1/2 month old daughter. Their stairs are carpeted but narrow, and her husband is tall. Every time he ventures down with the baby, she holds her breath and listens.

The other night, that ended with tumbling and her husband crying out.


He forced himself to land backwards, so the baby was fine, just shaken, thank goodness.

My girlfriend's biggest mom fear was baby rolling off the changing table. I remember one time I turned my back on her daughter for a second to grab a baby wipe, and she verbally flayed me for taking such a "big risk."Ouch. I got over it.

Some mom fears border on the irrational ... but understandable ... for first-timers. Moms in Answers shared theirs:

  • Breaking her fingers or toes while dressing her.
  • Smothering her with my boob while breastfeeding.
  • Breaking his arms and legs during diaper changes.
  • Accidentally locking baby in the car with my keys inside.
  • That she would stop breathing for no reason.
  • Being so distracted that I would leave my daughter somewhere.
  • Hurting his fontanels.
  • Feeding him too much or too little.
  • Accidently poisoning him by touching something that would absorb into my skin, into my bloodstream, and into my breastmilk.
  • That her head would fall out of the infant supports in the carseat and her neck would snap.
  • In the hospital, I was afraid that he'd kick the leg alarm off while I was sleeping and someone would take him, or that they would accidentally switch him with another baby when they took him for his hearing test.

What is your biggest new baby fear -- irrational or not?

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