Newborns Out in Public -- How Long to Wait?

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I felt guilty taking my two-week old firstborn to a friend's party where there were lots of snuffly little kids around. Our pediatrician had specifically said to wait at least a month to six weeks before exposing him to germs, and as a new mom, I took his words as gospel.

When my daughter was born, I was strolling the aisles of Target and visiting friends within days with no guilt whatsoever. If she was going to catch anything, it would be something from her germy big brother.

I recently visited my friend and her 1 week old, and even though she's been through it all with an older son, she doesn't plan to take her new baby out anytime soon, especially with the Swine Flu going around. So it seems like it just depends on the mom.

Some of the responses from moms who were asked when they took their newborn out in public in Answers made me giggle:


Pnukey: "Just a few days. I had things to do."

serenaxxmarie: "When I asked my mother, she said, 'You gave birth to a baby in a hospital, the most germ ridden place there is, and you're worried about taking him to the store?' So anyway, I took my little one to a relatives' house the day I got out of the hospital and I believe McDonalds like three days after."

TiccledBlue: "We stopped at the store on the way home from the hospital."



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Is it safer, healthier, for baby to keep her inside away from strangers as long as possible?


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