First Holiday Photos -- Go Pro or No?

baby in santa outfit

Photo by geminisummerz

I have only one set of professional holiday photos of my children. Make that child, my son. I skipped it with my daughter.

My son was eight months old. In one holiday shot, he's sitting on the snow posed next to a sled with no coat in sight.

In another, the photographer changed the background so my baby boy is on the floor next to a roaring fireplace. The tree is right there next to him, with lots of presents underneath. The photographer did a great job making my son smile and the shots turned out really great.

But years later, every time I look at that shot, I think ... Who's house is that? And why did they place a live Christmas tree -- nevermind an infant! -- by an open fireplace? Hey, what are these people doing with my baby?!

Okay, so that's a tad nut job over-analytical. Take a breath, Cyn. I guess it's my way of saying I have more fun taking my own holiday portraits, even if they lack that professional studio quality and flair.

What about you?



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I'd love to see your holiday baby photos. Upload them to your page and tag them dailybuzz -- and I will try to get them in the Buzz.


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