Too Old for Swaddling?

toddler holding new baby

Photo by ColeysMommy2

CafeMom JMB4Evr posted in 20 Somethings (a private group) that she swaddled her 1 year old the other day! Just one of those cute, funny things you feel like sharing.

Her little girl was fussy and refused to take a nap. JMB4Evr was so desperate to get her to sleep that she grabbed the pink blanket and wrapped her baby up like a cigar. No joke, as soon as she finished, her daughter fell fast asleep. 

For sure, this wouldn't work with every 1 year old. One mom said her little ones would have a fit, and another mom guaranteed she'd end up with bite marks on her arm if she tried that.

Hmm ... this story made me wonder if a baby is ever too old to swaddle. When I was poking around for the answer, I found a lot of moms who want to break baby of the swaddling habit. The crutch can become a bit tedious for mom.


rabbate answered both of my questions in her recent Answers reply:

"Just keep swaddling her until she fights you to put it on. There is no specific age not to swaddle and at some point she will grow out of it. I know an 11 month old that is still swaddled. My daughter was swaddled until 5 months, and then she would fight to put it on. I couldn't take it away cold turkey, though, because she was having trouble putting herself to sleep even though she didn't want it on. I just loosened it a little each night, then kept her arms out one night and it worked. Just be patient and don't let anyone tell you that at some specific age you have to stop swaddling unless it is your pediatrician."

Do you still swaddle your baby? How old is he/she? Do you like the habit or are you looking forward to your baby falling asleep without?


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