Yogurt: When Did You Start Feeding It to Your Baby?


Baby eating

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Doctors recommend no regular milk until after one year...but what about yogurt?

One mom asks in Answers, "My son is 9 months old and I was wondering if it was too soon to give him yogurt."


AmiJanell: They can have yogurt at that age and it's fine. It's not the same as milk for couple of reasons. It's a more broken-down form so it's easier to digest... and it's also not in place of breastmilk or formula.

TiccledBlue: You're not supposed to give milk before a year without the doctor's guidance. That's different than dairy products......milk is a dairy product, but not all dairy products are milk. Yogurt and cheese are okay as long as there has been no sensitivities. If you're breastfeeding and drinking milk/eating dairy products or giving a milk-based formula....it's fine.

What age did you start giving yogurt to your baby? Did you give them plain or flavored? Regular or fat-free?

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