Babies Heart Yogurt!

baby eating yogurt

Photo by unLucky209

I'll never be able to look at a yogurt container again without first thinking of my daughter. When she was an infant, yogurt was her favorite food. For a while, it was the only protein besides her breastmilk and formula she would eat.

Her favorite place to eat yogurt was not at the table but on the doormat that I keep inside the kitchen door. She'd just plop down with her baby spoon and dig in right out of the large-size container. She didn't want a bowl to interfere with her yogurt-eating experience.

I remember coming back from a business trip that required me to be away from home for several days for the very first time since she was born. I was miserable, I missed her and my son so much.


After the car dropped me off and I bounded up our back steps with suitcase in hand, I looked through the kitchen door window. The first thing I see is my little baby girl with her hair in a high ponytail sitting on that floor mat eating her yogurt, half of it everywhere else besides her mouth. What a mess! I gave her the biggest hug a mother has ever given a child, and then I took a shower to rinse off all the yogurt.

Our own mothers never gave us yogurt when we were infants. It wasn't as popular back then as it is today. It's funny how yogurt has become a staple in many a baby's eating repertoire. I always loved serving it because it's ...

  • Soft
  • High in protein
  • Portable
  • Thick and sticky and doesn't fall off the spoon too easily so baby isn't frustrated
  • Mixable -- you can add pureed fruit and endless other foods to it for a well rounded meal

Some research shows that eating yogurt may prevent the flu because of the probiotics.

Does your baby eat yogurt? How do you serve it -- plain, mixed with fruit, another way?


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