Daylight Savings: Resetting the Baby

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In case you forgot, most of the country will be turning the clocks back for daylight savings time this Saturday night. Because we're "falling back," that means an extra hour of sleep for mom, yay! Oh ... wait. We have babies. Forget what I said about extra sleep.

But some moms want to know if it's at all possible to adjust baby's sleep schedule this weekend so everyone is on the same page. A slightly varied sleep schedule might not be a big deal if you're a stay-at-home mom, but it's a huge issue for working moms who have to stick to the new schedule.

Here's some suggestions moms shared in Answers:


vbchmommy: "Say bed time is 8. You need to start the process at 7 (bath, whatever, start it when you would if he was going down at 8). Let him go down at 8:30 though. Do that for about a week, then cut back by another half hour. But by starting the process when you would if he was going down at 8, it starts to calm him down and get used to the idea of going to bed at this time."

anonymous: "Don't over think it. One night he'll get an extra hour of sleep. Unless your child is on an amazingly precise schedule, it won't be any different than a day when he happens to wake up early. Worst case, put him down for his nap a little earlier (say 30 minutes) if he gets up at 6. By the next day, he should be back to a normal schedule if he goes at his normal time. Kids live their lives by time intervals not by the clock. Daylight savings time only messes us up because we know about it!"

Will you be trying to adjust your baby's schedule for daylight's savings time, or will you let him go to sleep and wake up when his body feels like it?


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