Stainless Steel Baby Bottles


Product makers are getting creative with baby bottles. I recently wrote about the sleek new Dr. Weil baby bottles which look more like architecture that something slurp from, and now comes the first baby bottle and training cups in stainless steel. Just like the ones you take to the gym.

I love my stainless steel water bottles, because I know they are BPA free, lightweight, durable and they don't leach any icky chemicals into the water, or in this case, baby's milk or formula.

The Pura Kiki bottles are so new they aren't even out yet, but the website is taking advance orders. Price is $14 for a 5 ounce infant bottle, $16 for an 11 ounce infant bottle, and $18 for an 11 ounce toddler bottle.

The stainless steel collar works with nipples and spouts from Pura as well as nipples from Dr. Brown's (wide mouth), Think Baby, and Born Free. The collar also works with sip spouts from Avent, Think Baby, and Born Free.

Would you use stainless steel baby bottles for your little one?


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Crazy... Crazy8ball

I  think they are awesome!! However im not gonna pay that much on some bottles when i can get cheaper ones. So I love 'em but ain't gonna buy 'em

Lynette Lynette

Really don't use bottles here, I breastfeed.  But if I did I would be interested in these.  I would probably have glass ones too

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I am going to breastfeed, but also pump since I will be going back to work. So I need bottles for my twins. I just bought some of these today for my twins, but I bought Safe Starter bottles for $11. I love that they have come out with these,

abels... abelsmama07

i like the idea of them, but seeing how much your putting in and how much baby is drinking would be a challenge.

tippy... tippymorgan08

I would certainly use them. I breastfeed but I will be pumping when I return to work in a few months. I wish they were compatible with the Adiri nipples. I can't believe Adiri went out of business, they're natural nursers were great. There is another new company who is coming out with some similar bottles though, but I do love the idea of the stainless steel bottles.

nily nily

I want to buy one NOW i love them.

madam... madamekatekate

I truly don't see the point. They're expensive and I don't see any practicality in them.

Someone enlighten me?

hugonaut hugonaut

Pura are not the only stainless steel bottle out there, and NOT the first.  organicKidz ( has been on the market for over 1 year now.  They are great and I do not use anything else,  I have one of each size (4, 7, 9 oz narrow necked).  The colors are great, especially the poka dots.  A friend of mine had glass and their child broke a couple.  Stainless steel is unbreakable, and I do not worry about toxins in my boys milk.

organicKidz is definitely the way to go!

JoanJill JoanJill

I can't wait for these bottles!  They aren't for sale on the web yest except to pre-purchase on Amazon.  I e-mailed the company and they said they may be available in December, if not January for sure.  I asked a bunch of questions after reading the comments here.  They say the oz markings are visable from the inside.  The mouth/opening is wide so you can see them.  Also they work with a bunch of different wide-neck nipples so you don't have to change nipples if you don't want to!  I checked out Organic Kids too but didn't like the plastic at the top of the bottle.  It seemed like it would be hard to clean the around the lip (and I don't like plastic parts).  The Kiki bottle is all stainless so should be easy to clean and sterilize!  Waiting patiently!

hugonaut hugonaut

Hi JoanJill,

Just to clarify a bit.  I have never had a problem cleaning my organicKidz bottles....they are in fact very easy to clean.  I looked at the bottle again after reading your comment and cleaning that part is not an issue.  They wash very easily in the dishwasher.  The plastic is BPA, phthalate and PVC free so I am not worried about that.  The company is very conscientous about these (that is one of the reasons that organoicKidz started, and I bought).  Similarly we have used a variety of other brand name nipples on our bottle (besides organicKidz) and they work fine. 

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