Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Product makers are getting creative with baby bottles. I recently wrote about the sleek new Dr. Weil baby bottles which look more like architecture that something slurp from, and now comes the first baby bottle and training cups in stainless steel. Just like the ones you take to the gym.

I love my stainless steel water bottles, because I know they are BPA free, lightweight, durable and they don't leach any icky chemicals into the water, or in this case, baby's milk or formula.


The Pura Kiki bottles are so new they aren't even out yet, but the website is taking advance orders. Price is $14 for a 5 ounce infant bottle, $16 for an 11 ounce infant bottle, and $18 for an 11 ounce toddler bottle.

The stainless steel collar works with nipples and spouts from Pura as well as nipples from Dr. Brown's (wide mouth), Think Baby, and Born Free. The collar also works with sip spouts from Avent, Think Baby, and Born Free.

Would you use stainless steel baby bottles for your little one?


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