Should Smokers be Allowed to be Parents?

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Last night in The CafeMom Newcomers Club, nebraskamomto2 wanted to know whether parents should smoke around their kids in the house or car. The response was pretty unanimous that it wasn't a very cool thing to do.

Mommy2B1209 said, "It's a form of child abuse!"

clove 610 said, "We do not allow anyone to smoke in our home or in our cars. These are our children and we must protect them."

JanieR wrote, "Apparently in some states it is illegal to smoke with anyone under 16 in the car with you. I think it should be everywhere. I used to do it and you can bash all you want. I deserve it. My daughter is 19 and it's been years since I smoked but I still feel guilty to this day."

It's easy for non-smokers to judge (for the record, I do not smoke), so I think JanieR's comment is really important. I don't think that there's a Baby Mama out there who doesn't know that smoking around her baby is harmful to his health.


According to famed pediatrician Dr. Sears, smoking around your baby doubles his risk of SIDS. If the baby's dad smokes, too, then the risk of SIDS is triple. Plus, smoking harms your baby's heart, lungs, and brain.

No mother feels good knowing that. But smoking is highly addictive.

If you're a smoker who just can't seem to quit, AOL Health has things you can do to make your house and car smoke-free and safer for your baby.

Yesterday, there was an article in the Times Online about keeping people who smoke from being foster parents in the United Kingdom, even though there is a great need for foster parents. What do you think is more important—children in need being placed in foster homes or keeping those kids away from smokers?


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