Baby Einstein DVD Refund

Baby Einstein DVDNeed some cash? Then do what I'm doing today and root around your house for those Baby Einstein videos your baby no longer watches. Or maybe she still watches them, but what the heck. Send them back anyway and get her some brand new baby books instead.

The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has persuaded the Walt Disney Company to offer a full refund to anyone who purchased a Baby Einstein DVD in the last five years. 

It's the result of a complaint the group filed with the Federal Trade Commission against Disney in 2006, insisting the company stop claiming the videos are educational for infants. The American Academy of Pediatricians says children under 2 should not watch any television.


Click Disney's Baby Einstein website for instructions on how to apply for your refund. You must have purchased or received the video in the last five years, and there's a limit of 4 per family.

Will you be sending your Baby Einstein DVDs back for a refund, different product, or discount? Did your baby get smarter by watching these videos?


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