Baby Einstein DVD Refund


Baby Einstein DVDNeed some cash? Then do what I'm doing today and root around your house for those Baby Einstein videos your baby no longer watches. Or maybe she still watches them, but what the heck. Send them back anyway and get her some brand new baby books instead.

The Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood has persuaded the Walt Disney Company to offer a full refund to anyone who purchased a Baby Einstein DVD in the last five years. 

It's the result of a complaint the group filed with the Federal Trade Commission against Disney in 2006, insisting the company stop claiming the videos are educational for infants. The American Academy of Pediatricians says children under 2 should not watch any television.

Click Disney's Baby Einstein website for instructions on how to apply for your refund. You must have purchased or received the video in the last five years, and there's a limit of 4 per family.

Will you be sending your Baby Einstein DVDs back for a refund, different product, or discount? Did your baby get smarter by watching these videos?


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Jesse... JessecaLynn

My kids loved to watch these videos.  I didn't expect them to make them smarter, I expected it to keep their attention for the 15 minutes I needed to get something done.  I think it is sad that the company has to give out these refunds.  Anyone with common sense should know that a video isn't going to make your child smart.  Although it did help reinforce things I was already teaching my kids.  I won't be sending my videos back because after I was done with them I sold them on Ebay. :)

Pollymom Pollymom

My son likes his Einstein DVD's too. I'm with the above poster, I didn't get them with the intention of making him smarter, I thought the music and cute little toys and puppets would entertain him. I'm keeping mine because I have a second child who might like them in the near future.

RanaA... RanaAurora

4 per family?  I'll totally get rid of some of ours!

toria... toriandgrace

Hm, my daughter is three and still enjoys them, but I could use the cash... so we might send two or three back..

Chris... ChristiansMom31

now i wish i didn't buy the box  collection, because i would totally send it back for a refund.

scien... science_spot

Oh nice, thanks!  I have 4 I can give back!  Hope I don't need the reciepts.

Bearsjen Bearsjen

my 6 mo old adores them and sometimes its my only brea! as for being smarter...well heatched the baby bach and then wrote a concerto...pppfffftttt. While we shouldnt have believed that they could make baby smarter, the company NEVER should have made the claim in the first place so the refund is fair and welcome for this struggling mom. :o) I will keep one but fyi, go to youtube and they are all there-free!

Bearsjen Bearsjen

fyi Ladies, went to website and you exchange them, its not a money refund or even gift card. You can exchange it for Baby einstein products at DISNEY STORES thats it. not worth it to me. why would I turn in the dvd to turn around and buy another(that was option as well). disappointing. :o(

cafemama cafemama

Bearsjen - you do have the option of getting your money back. They just kind of hide that bit after the bullet points. It says: "or you may return it, and we will refund the current retail value of the DVD ($15.99)."

I'm torn. I never bought them believing they'd make my baby smarter and they did allow me to take quite a few showers. Ethically it seems wrong to take the money, but... how can you turn it down?

Busym... Busymama07

I never bought them because I don't let my kids watch tv until they're older, but if I had I probably would return them.

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