Toronto Sets Breastfeeding World Record

Baby in sling

Photo by BabyDio

To promote World Breastfeeding Week, 190 Canadian mothers and 191 hungry infants and toddlers gathered at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts in Toronto to participate in this year's challenge -- gathering the most breastfeeders together in one spot, according to Yahoo! Canada.

Another 182 mothers and babies in the city participated online for a total of 372 mothers and 373 babies breastfeeding at the same time.

I read on some of the Canadian message boards that Toronto hasn't been totally friendly toward mothers who nurse in public. There have been reports of moms being asked to move their feeding babies to a more private space.


Wow, can you imagine all those moms in one place! Power in numbers. I dare anyone to walk up to that group and tell them to "take it into the bathroom."

What do you think about a breastfeeding contest? Will that help to raise awareness, get more people to agree that it's acceptable in public? Would you participate?


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