Baby Screams in the Car

toddler and toy car

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My son loved car rides when he was an infant -- some nights it was the only way we could ease his colic and get him to go to sleep. My daughter? Nah. She'd start wailing after 10 minutes. I think she was bored. I never did find her happy button and get her to just relax and enjoy.

I really hope that hgibsonorc finds it with her three month old.

"He screams bloody murder every time he is in the car seat for more than five minutes," she says. "I feel so bad and helpless. When my husband drives I sometimes go back there with him and stick my breast in his mouth, which comforts him for a bit, but it never lasts long. Then I worry about burping him because he's really gassy and I don't want him to throw up everywhere. He sits there, looking at me screaming like he is wondering why I'm right there and won't pick him up."

Moms in Old Fashioned & Anti Mainstream Moms said to try the typical things first:


-- Music

-- A mirror so baby can see you up front

-- Baby toys

But a number of them said the only thing that worked for their babies is actually changing the car seat. Many got rid of the bucket style infant carrier and started using a stationary infant seat.

One mom said to pull up the cover and check the bottom because a lot of brands have a hard piece of plastic that sticks up under the child's left thigh area. This could be the problem.

While a stationary seat forfeits the convenience of easy ins and outs, moms say the peaceful ride is well worth the sacrifice.

Does your baby cry in the car? What tricks have you used to get your baby to settle down?


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